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No ad free version available

If your gonna force ads every 15 seconds at least have an ad free version available for purchase

Great fun

Excellent app to keep up knowledge and also learn new details on subjects of interest

Wildcards ruin everything

Not sure why but my first review didn’t save!! Basically, this game is really fun. I like the general format and design of it. I love the variety of categories and the custom titles you can earn as you progress. My favorite feature is single player, especially when you’re starting out in a new category and want to see how you do without turning it into a competition. I wish single player was available for ALL cats instead of just the mainstream ones. I haven’t been having the same issues as others with the pop ups and ads. Honestly I don’t even notice ads, so I’m guessing QuizUp has made some improvements based on these complaints. Instead, I take issue with the stupid wildcard mechanic... always striking out on those wildcards and no way to avoid them. I’m guessing wildcards are mainly in place to encourage people to spend gems to get new cats, or maybe even to increase the likelihood that you will break your streak and pay with gems or watch an ad to continue (if so, that’s just mean). I don’t think that’s necessary either. Plenty of people will continue to spend gems and watch ads to keep a streak going under normal circumstances. On the other hand, I never do that when I get out due to a random wildcard, mainly because they’re so irritating that I just give up and start over. No point wasting my time on an ad when I’m reminded that I could get out in the next five questions anyway, regardless of my knowledge in the category.

ad free is the best way to go

less time consuming and makes binge playing much more fun

QuizUp works

I enjoy the challenges that. I choose. Would like things called by the correct name - sea star not star fish. Would like more categories that make me laugh. Like the daily brain wake up!

Social Network Wannabe

It started out as a fun trivia game where you could challenge your friends in topics like “dog breeds”, but since then, it’s grown into something similar to a cross between reddit and Twitter. You can “like” and comment on posts in different categories and in topics like government and politics, you can assume what happens.... if you want this to be a social app instead of a game, then just make the change complete and stop ruining it with every update.

Ads! Not fair!

Great quiz app! I would rate it 5 stars if I didn’t get ads every time I end a quiz. My boyfriend doesn’t get ads and he got the game for free. SO UNFAIR! 😡😡😡😡😡 I WASTED SO MUCH OF MY LIFE STARING AT THE GOVERNMENT BRAINWASHING ME 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


U should definitely get this app

Would be higher

It was a great game until it started crashing

Can’t even play!

Was gonna go with 3 stars, but changing to 1. Seriously get an update going! To the point where I can’t even start a game without it crashing! Great game. Consistently crashes! Can’t even finish a quiz!

Game keeps crashing

I can’t go more than two games before it crashes before even the first question.


It’s ok not all the challenges are kid friendly some of them use slang

Ads ads ads

Could be a fun game, used to enjoy it a few years ago, but WAY too many very long ads now.

Won’t even let me play

I loved this game till the last update now when I get on to play it won’t even load I can click on a subject select random opponent and then black screen with the quiz mark on it and nothing! Please fix this ASAP! UPDATE:: Logged on and tried to play again today and no surprise it still isn’t fixed! I loved this game and was actually high ranking in my city and state for a lot of categories and now I have nothing.

Used to be fun, now a giant LOSER

I had this game a couple years ago and it was great fun. Now there is an advertisement after every single match. Ruins all the fun by delaying play constantly. A terrible change, can’t imagine why anyone would advertise here the way it is, it only causes anger and loses players. Am getting rid of it.


I wish more of my friends played this and knew about this app. I love playing trivia that’s specifically about tv shows and movies I like.

Buggy version ate all my coins

Version 4 downloaded. Over 17,000 coin won in tournaments mostly playing the 40 coin level - after login to this version I have zero. Thanks but now I have no reason to play nor coins to do it.

QuizUp is great!

Honestly, this is going to sound like I was paid to speak on it, but QuizUp is fulfilling and fun! I love all the different categories and the several communities in them! It’s not hard getting into the app and it’s a great time-killer. The only complaints I have are in connection. I will be playing, maybe in a tournament, and suddenly the game will cut. I know it’s not my side, and it’s easy to start up another game, but it’s a problem nonetheless. Keep it up QuizUp. 👍

Great! I love it.

I love this app! Amazing. You learn while having fun, gets my competitive side out. :D I love that you can play with friends. Definitely recommend.

Love this game

Everything about this challenges my feeble brain!

Great game, too many advertisements

There is literally an advertisement after EVERY SINGLE GAME...please stop or I’m deleting the game. This game is based on speed and to have to wait for these ridiculous advertisements to go away messes with the momentum and could lower your score.


Crashes constantly upon starting matches, questions don’t seem to be terribly well vetted and some are just worded horrendously, ads are so frequent and placed such that it’s reminiscent of a virus-ridden Internet Explorer from 2005–with no paywall to remove or lessen them at that. Addictive and entertaining in between the ads when it works though.

What I think about QuizUp

I think it’s a fun game to chat and as well as challenging others!! You can meet new people. One thing about meeting and chatting with people, make sure you can trust that person!!!


I am able to challenge my husband and we are able to choose who has to turn off the lights or who gets to pick dinner or who just know more on the topic thanks to this app!


Really fun game until the random crashes started. Haven’t been able to play because every time I start a game it crashes before the first question even loads.


I cannot even get through one game on the app it keeps closing out automatically

Enhancements are critical

I’ve been trying to use this app and I have two major complaints. 1. I keep getting an app crash, I checked and there are no updates so I’m not sure what the issue could be. Server error? This keeps happening and I am not even able to use the app at this point. 2. Way too many ads.

Too many ads - fun when you can actually play

Too many ads that last over 5 secs and no way to avoid them. Hard to get friends to play because the app doesn't play as well on Android. Kinda shady that it starts ads during the games. This is my second account because the other was being attacked constantly by ads.

Dysfunctional af

Every time I try to play a game with my friends I get kicked out of the app and service can’t even help me.


I just downloaded the game and it was great at first. I tried to play it today, and whenever I was trying to answer the first question it kicked my out of the app. This keeps happening so I am not able to play at all. I don’t know what I should do.


This game is so amazing I play it every day I can’t stop myself from playing it 100/10

WAY too many ads

This game used to be more fun. These ads make me not want to play. I would happily buy an ad free version.

Really fun app

A friend recommended it and I love it!! It does have a lot of ads tho :/ like every game you play two ads pop up

Fun and a little bit addictive

Hi, are you smart?? Me too. Play QuizUp and feel the thrill of victory... and then I date you to walk away once players of your own caliber start beating you...! But don’t worry, that’s when it gets really fun....

Way too many ads

Used to be a great game years ago now it's filled to the brim with ads. Disappointed.


I freakin love this app. It is one of the best apps ever. Even though there are a bit of adds it’s worth it! I love that there’s hardly any in app purchases!!


So I went on QuizUp and then decided to like a post. Then the game just crashed!!! Also, I happens when I do OTHER actions!!! Help fix this bug!!!

You’ve lost me

I have enjoyed this app for quite a while, but now the interruption of ads has become incredibly annoying and unacceptable. Too bad. I’ve enjoyed communicating with other players throughout the world, but now I’m done.

Scam & Gone Downhill

I was recently charged 9.99 twice for no reason. After many days I finally got a response from their support team. Their response was “we do not refund charges even if they are unintentional or unauthorized.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!What kind of a scam is Glu running?! Also, the troll accounts are worse than ever, and QuizUp will ban your account for weeks and not tell you why. I think players are using troll accounts to report legitimate players who then get banned until customer support can figure out what is going on and turn your account back on IF you’re lucky. Instead of fixing important bugs, they keep changing the interface with nearly every update which causes even more problems. They focus on the wrong things.

Love it!!

Such a fun app! Never gets old or boring. I’ve had jr for years now and everyone I know loves it.

All Great Except

This is a great game. There are so many topics to choose from that there is something for everybody. The game has topics that have the power to teach and to be fun. I would give it a 5 star rating besides the single player mode. On every multiple of 5 it makes you choose a random topic. If you are playing in a specific topic it should stay only that one. Yes it is challenging but every time I do it I know nothing about what it’s asking and ruins it.

Really good game

This game is fantastic, gain me a great deal of knowledge.

Great! Apple watch needed!

Love this app so much its so cool and fun and its literally about EVERYTHING! You can find everything you want to quiz yourself here, but i would really like it if there is and apple watch version “ app “ for quiz up ! It would be so much fun to use it on the go!


The app force closes every time I try to open it.

I love it

I love this app, it’s really good and fun however I’ve been having issues with the iPhone Xs Max version, I can’t see the right words and it all just show up with the programming name and not with what you’re supposed to see... that’s the only reason I’m giving it 3 stars, it really is annoying that you can’t see things the way they are. For any other phone (I’ve played it with the iPhone 8 and 8 plus and it works perfectly fine, also in Samsung is fine) it works great. I hope they fix it soon because I really love the game, it’s a good way to learn and pass time and just have fun with someone else.


Use to be good but now if u get 1 wrong answer you have to watch an ad video or pay up to keep playing. Terrible


Get rid of the ads! At the very least don’t have them after every time you take a quiz

A Cash Grab Thinly Veiled As A Quiz App

The title says it all and the mechanics that leave you paying cash or sitting through ads to keep playing should provide the context.


I really like this app

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