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Great App!

Fun and lots of topics to choose from!

Need an AD free version of the app

Provide OPTIONS. this is how all apps die. Lack of options and innovation.

what happened?!

This app is usually great. I was just using it earlier today but suddenly all of the topics are gone. I've already tried shutting off my phone. What is going on?!

Was fun for awhile.

I want to play against my myself but it is ridiculously set up to force you to continually purchase coins to proceed. Also, I don’t like that it keeps tallies you cannot delete or erase.

Why does this always ask for a title? I guess the title is fish farts.

This game is amaze balls. Yes there are ads, but you’ve gotta expect that for a free app. At the very least this game isn’t broken or demanding you spend real money to progress. I play diner dash reluctantly because of nostalgia, and right off the bat the game is far more difficult than the original game because they want you to bend over and buy energy to continue as well as in-game money to buy upgrades around the store. This game has gems you can purchase that are completely optional. Sitting through a 5 second ad is a small price to pay at the end of every quiz. I’ve been playing this game for a few years, and when I first started playing you could create your own quizzes, and I created the scrubs quiz for the game back in the day. People can add more questions for quizzes as well. The game itself has appealing visuals and an easy to navigate menu. The ads don’t get in the way of you playing. You can challenge friends who have the app. You can play single player or against random opponents around the world. There is a ranking system in place and after about 4 years, I am still number 1 in Nevada for Legend of Zelda. It’s a cool game to say the least. I still enjoy wiping the floor with opponents across many different quiz categories. If you can think of a subject, there’s probably a quiz covering it, and like I said before, if you don’t see it, you can create it.

Best app ever !

I love this app !

Too many ads!!!

There are SO MANY ads on this app. I used to enjoy playing both by myself and against my friends, but the constant bombardment of ads makes the game totally unenjoyable :((

Wildcard questions

You should let us continue a quiz if we get these stupid wildcard questions wrong. When I’m doing a quiz on physics and I get a question wrong about Ariana Grande I’d like to continue answering questions about physics without starting over.

Oh the Ads!

I enjoy the app. It’s. Great way to engage your mind when you’re trying to unwind, or tune-out for a bit. I wish there was a paid version of this app though so the game could be played without the incessant ads.

Love the game, but...

I play this game everyday but can you guys change the questions, It’s quite repetitive, it’s not challenging anymore.

I’ve returned

Sure, the game has changed quite a bit while I was gone, but I’m glad to be back, ready to go for number one leaderboards again.

Pretty good but needs improvement

Not sure how some of “quizzes” are created. There’s some grammatical errors that either change the question entirely or make an English reader pause and thus waste time rereading ( there may be similar situations with translations for non English readers, I have no idea). Much better trivia app then others.

Quiz Up

I love the challenge of the questions of the app. It fun to play & you can challenge other players.

Cool app

Test yourself against world wide oponentes! Great competitiveness!


The only thing I don’t like about that game now is the wildcard in single player. When I click on a topic to play, I just want all the questions to be related to that topic. I don’t want to answer a completely off topic question every 5 questions.

Great app!

The app is Great

I enjoy the app but it’s just all the bots that just appeared

there have been a bunch of bots dming people and just wont stop is there a way u can help???


It’s god - Roberto Sesame De Los Street

Makes misery more bearable

Being a living breathing human in today’s world can be difficult and disheartening. But nothing cheers me up more than proving that I know more than a stranger while I sit in a stationary position on my couch for hours at a time.

Very competitive!

Great trivia game! I always play this when I’m on a road trip, break, or when I have some down time.

My frustration with this game

I’m just here to report you because you designed the game for people to leave the game and they make it a error and it makes me and other people frustrated with the game And just bye dumb game creators

Pretty good?

I lost when I was doing pretty good just because my phone said low power mode? To prevent from cheating? I was never cheating and I think that’s kind of stupid, sorry! ):

Stop complaining + Suggestion

This is a great game that I play every day, and everyone is complaining that there’s “too many ads”. First of all, there is literally only ads after a game, and they are almost never more than 15 seconds. Also, if you still have a problem with that, JUST DOWNLOAD AN AD BLOCKER. There are plenty of apps that block all the ads in any game you play, without making the games creators lose money. I also had a suggestion just for the Name the Pokemon topic, which is the only one I play a lot. I’ve completed all the questions in this topic, and noticed that some pokemon are missing from the questions, and I just thought you should update the topic and add these other Pokemon in.

Really Fun and Unique

It's a really fun and Unique app. You won't see much this type game app. Really good for boredom-killing.

Review on QuizUp

I love the app, especially the variety of topics and the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place rankings. Although, I’m not a fan of losing, but that’s just a part of the fun.


Its nice for competing learning new things.

The old version was much better.

In the beginning when it was first made, it was great but now it’s annoying really, plus the questions are limited and repetitive which gives advantage to those who play constantly.

Fun way to kill a few minutes

Good choice of categories and 10 seconds to answer multiple choice questions. Once in a while a question shows up again, but that’s ok if you know the answer! It’s fun to play against an opponent, but you have the option of not doing so. I recommend this brain teaser!

To many ads !!

The game is good, as a game can be, but there are way to many ads. One here, one there. It's just really annoying and i hope y'all fix it. I know i'm not the only one with this problem.

Ruined by ads

I used to love this game to bits. I would enjoy grinding my level in my favourite topics over and over, reaching the top of the monthly leaderboards. However, the number of ads now have completely made the game unplayable without completely killing my data if not annoying me. What is the point of a mobile trivia game if i literally cant play it on the go, where I have no wifi?

Love it !!

My husband got all of our family into this app and we love challenging each !!! Thank you for making a fun family app free ❤️

Very Fun App

.....And I’m enjoying it immensely.

This app sucksss

Way too many adds, second when your way ahead against someone they increase the amounts of points on the other player. BAD GAME

I love it

Quiz Up is my fav trivia game. They have so many categories of trivia, and you play against real people, from all over the world in a one-on-one.


I cant even get in the game!! >:(

My top 3 trivia game

Been playing this game for a couple years now and it has improved every single time

Amazing app

Quiz Up has been amazing for me. You get to post what you feel, take many quizzes with different topics, and even compete in tournaments and play against people all around the world. You also get to chat to your friends and quiz them!

Best Waste of Time

The go-to for almost all my spare moments

Too Many Ads!

after every game i play, i always get a stupid live.me ad. it's annoying and they make the x button on the top right or top left super small. the game it self is great. good questions. but the ads ruin it so much. after every game there's an ad. literally EVERY game.

Go QuizUp

Dear QuizUp, Thank you so much for making this app. It makes me so happy. Sometimes I try to text my friends but it just lags me out of the app. I sometimes go on my mom’s phone to text. Can you tell me what is the problem. Anyways I can still play games. Can you just fix the problem. I love this app so much and can you make a new update. This app means a lot to me. I appreciate your support. I hope you have a wonderful day. From, ILoveCats_150

Game is great pass time

Feeling bored? Play a game! This ones great because it is informational!!!!

Favorite pasttime

Loaded vth questions to challenge the mind in a complete collection of diverse topics!

Right for Everyone!

The great variety of categories lets me find one I can compete in every time! I really love it!


Súper chula


It's just a fun game to play all the time. The competitive piece of this game was really just the icing on top.


After each game an ad for some stupid game comes up and it is impossible to get back to the quiz game. You have to exit, close this game and start anew. I understand the need for advertising, It these creators make Quiz up unplayable and very frustrating. Do not download!

Not working

This app isn’t working for challenges with friends.

Miss the old version

I used to LOVEEEEEE this app! My favorite. That was a couple of years ago; it’s change so much since then. The format, the ads (an extremely ridiculous abnormal amount) and I keep hoping one day go open this app and it be back where it was but it keeps going further in that same direction. Sometimes less is more; this app was better when it was just focused on quizzes. I never right reviews (unless I’m doing it for free points in a game) but as I was looking for another quiz or trivia app to download, this popped up. I scrolled passed to ignore but I’m doing this in hopes maybe the game makers will take this into consideration.


By far my favorite and the best trivia game here. Only reporting a couple bugs on the iPhone 6s, one is that when the game loads, the screen shifts down as if there were a title bar at the top of the screen. It goes away as soon as a game starts though. Also, when watching an ad for free gems, if one hits the x to close at the end of an add, these is a delay and if one accidentally touches again, the x to close the game end screen is there too and if touched before hitting the “collect gems” banner, it will freeze the game



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