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Ad problem Fixed

QuizUp got terrible ratings which were completely justified because of its advertisement crisis. There are still Ads in the game but as far as I have seen, all the bugs are gone and there are WAY less ads

VERY good game but too many ads

Too many video ads bro. It's just game breaking...

A barrage of ads

Reinstalled this after a few years hiatus. Removed it after ~ 20 minutes playing due to the countless annoying pop up ads. This games great but not that great to make me put up with the obscene number of ads.

forced to buy ad-free 2.99 plan, erased all hc, still get gem crap

tpbloofy thieved. shame on you. scammers.

It’s changed

Why did Peter get fired? Also the ads make it unplayable. 2 years ago there was none. If you could make it 0.99 to get rid of them permanently it would be a different story

Not optimized

It’s an amazing game but isn’t optimized for the IPhone X yet and it just looks so bad not optimized

Doesn’t seem to work in iPhone X

I enjoy the game and have been playing it for over 5 years now. Now when I switched to iPhone X, the app is crashing.

Not what it used to be

I loved this app when I first started it about 5 years ago. It is awful now. The whole coin and gem setup is awful and the advertising is obnoxious. I'm deleting it for another quizzing app.

saddest app experience :(

Quizup honestly used to be one of my favorite apps & I used it a lot. Once they updated it a year or so ago, the playing experience was so different and downright obnoxious that I couldn't play anymore. I'm not quick to complain about apps, but the changes made to this app (mostly involving inundating users with ads every evey quiz) are a huge mistake. Please, app developers, listen to your feedback & bring back the old Quizup!

Might Delete

So my phone automatically updated the app and once I opened it all of my gems were gone! I had 136 and now I have 0. On top of that, the ads interrupt the gameplay whether it’s single player or random. The old QuizUp was better before you guys became money hungry.

Delete This Now!

What once was a great, fast-paced, fun app is now a shell of its former self. Over commercialization and over saturation of ads kill any enjoyment. Just get Trivia Crack (ad-free) and wish for what was (at least as far as this app is concerned).

This will last

This game is awesome there are thousands of categories and fan made ones this game is going to last

Too Many Ads

Trash. This app used to be great. Now it is a waste of precious time! There's so many ads before the quizzes that I can find no enjoyment in using it.

If you haven't downloaded this game yet, please read

Um, it's alright. It has it's pros and cons. So first of all, there are way too many ads, and it's really hard to get the "skip ad" button to work. And every time I try to get a rematch with my opponent, they always leave, so the game company really needs to add the ability to make the "your opponent wants a rematch" message to get really big and make a dinging sound so the enemy notices that you want a rematch before leaving the game. There is also an extremely bad crashing problem that I'm sick and tired of. Other than all that, this is a really fun game!


The app is amazing but it has a fricking virus and so many adds

My Thoughts

Very Good App👌🏻

Make an update for iPhone X

Everything is great in quiz up but you guys should make an update for iPhone X Please Thanks

Absolutely awful

I used to love this app. Now it’s super glitchy and all about the ads. I tried to get past it but I just had to delete it. I can’t explain how awful and frustrating this app is, especially compared to how it used to be.

Fun but WAY to many adds

I like playing this game but It drives me crazy because of all the ads! I would like it better if you didn’t have to pay to remove ads

A Few Words of Wisdom

To Glu Games, inc: I had a whole review planned out (and typed out) but I was unable to properly post it. Instead, I will simply leave you with the last paragraph. Keep in mind that I loved this game when I played it two years ago. I am fine with the optional ads, the gems, and even the banner ads, but the pop-ups are completely unacceptable. Unless you remove them from your game, QuizUp will fail. If you don't believe me, just look at the store rating.

Good game, too many ads!

I love this game, it is very challenging and tests your knowledge in whatever category you want. However, literally after every game I play, there is an ad. It is so annoying. Please have less ads.


The game glitched on me and automatically purchased $10 worth of in game stuff. They don't take returns even if a purchase was accidental. Can't have games glitching and buying stuff that I don't want and not letting me be able to fix it

Dysfunctional ads, animosity, & troll heaven

I understand that they need ads to make money, but their ads are freezing the app over 50% of the time. Also, the ads are causing the app to lag. A 30 second ad will sometimes take five minutes to complete. I get so tired of waiting that I have to restart my phone in order to get the app to work again. I must have to do this at least 20 times a day. I have lost many games because of the lag time. Customer Service tells me that this is because I have too many things running on my phone, but this happens regularly when I have everything closed except for this app. What really is unfortunate about this app is that I’ve seen more animosity than ever. They have a system of boosts where you can jump your way past other players on the leaderboard. Quiz Up promotes this, but they do nothing to block players who threaten and trash other players for doing it. This is an app of hypocrisy. There are more troll accounts than ever. In attempt to say something positive, I will say that their customer service seems a little bit more responsive lately, I hope they continue to improve on this. Yet, they seem to not correct anything.


Update!! Glu fixes the issues with the app, so awesome it have have it working again. This is one of the ONLY FREE games that you can play for HOURS without needing to purchase ANYTHING!! Yes there are ADS (Glu has to make money to keep the app FREE) if you pay to few bucks to remove the ads it’s amazing and well worth it! I want this app to stay running another three years and more. So I’m willing to support it by paying to remove ads. NOT willing to pay to bo st! Charge a monthly user FEE of $1 ! And stop with the boosting GLU and the gems to get more points bs.

Great Game

Best Quiz Game Out!


Used to be great but now it's a BIG SCAM BOOOO

Good times

Best one on one trivia app ever!

New issue

Love the game but sometimes it freezes during ads. I am not gonna complain about the ads but I have to keep restarting the game and I am trying to get to number 1 in the world in a category and that takes times away from me doing that.

Me and all my friends favorite group game

All my friends love it but hate how many ads there are! We all play it together we just don’t want the adds. Though l do think some of the quiz are comepletely pathetic


Used to be my favorite Trivia game. Just re downloaded to play again and there are ads everywhere. Ruined the whole game

A slap in the face for veterans of the game

I redownloaded quizup in hopes to find a multiplayer trivia game without ad infestation. After all, a few years ago there were little to no ads. However, in addition to new pay to win elements, ads started flowing through like water through a river. When will developers realize that ads do not make the customer happy? Sure, I’m willing to view a forced picture ad every few games and optional video ads for rewards, but when it’s a forced video/playable ad every game, it’s just plain excessive. Becoming the EA of mobile gaming is not something that should be desired.

Smart fun game sadly hobbled by way too many ads

Returned to the game after two years hiatus. Used to be a lot of fun - now waaaaaay too many ads. And the ads even interrupt my games and shove me over to the app store sometimes - causing game forfeitures!😡😡😡 I’m afraid I’ll need to find another trivia app... Previous review (two years ago) Very fun trivia game. Cool format. I became a vexillologist (flag expert) over the Christmas break thanks to this app. Wondering what to master next.

Constant crashing

I’m running the latest version of iOS on an iPhone 7, but every time I use the app, it immediately crashes as soon as I answer a question. Love the game, just wish it were playable

Love it but...

Alright, so I bought remove ads which is TOTALLY worth it, and it’s pretty lit. I love this app, and I’ve met so many nice people on here and it’s so much fun! One thing I’m not to fond of is the new update, I don’t rly like the layout of the homepage, and it crashes quite a bit, but I get that it just came out at they’re still probably fixing a few things :) Anyways, it’s a great app!

Ads are out of control

I came back to this app after not playing for about a year. Holy crap did it change! You have to suffer through an ad after every single match! What a waste of time. I mean give me an option of paying $4.99 to go add free...i won't play it like this.

Love it.

Finally able to play again. Still a few glitches.

iPhone X

Please update iPhone X screen

Больше рекламы!

Спасибо, что испоганили такое великолепное приложение. Сначала реклама вылетает на весь экран - смирился, сейчас реклама повсюду. Спасибо, за постоянный банер сверху, очень удобно! Я думал, этим банером заменят полноэкранную рекламу, но нет, ее тоже оставили. Играть неприятно. Да и не хочется. При этом, это была моя любимая игра. Спасибо жадным разработчикам.


This current version does not support iPhone X. Doesn't fit the screen properly & it's very glichy; the screen flashes every time I scroll down or up through a topic. Please update!!!

Ads causing me to forfeit the match

There have been quite a few instances of me being in the middle of a match, answering a question and all of a sudden my window changes to the App Store as if I’ve pressed an ad for another game app. The way that Quiz Up functions is if you move from the windo you forfeit and lose. That would be fine if I were genuinely interested in whatever ad I “click” but in these cases, I haven’t clicked anything but the answers on the screen!!! It’s getting quite disruptive and rather upsetting.

Great app unless you're a cheapskate

I love this app - buck up and pay for ad-free, suckas

One big ad pretending to be a game

The app sends me stupid push notifications trying to get me to try new games and quizzes, which I don’t care about. The only notifications I want are the ones about friends inviting me to games. I don’t want your ad garbage, and there is no way to turn certain notifications off. The app itself feels like an overload of ads and it just feels cheap and like the developers are trying a cash grab. Don’t waste your time, the quizzes aren’t even that good.


Ads have killed this app I will always love the concepts but the pop up adds are to much and all you want is money after that factor

Crashes everytime I open

Impossible to play.. literally won’t run on my iPhone 7..

Too Many Ads!!!!

I don’t mind an ad after EVERY SINGLE GAME, but Ads pop up while i’m playing the game and the game makes me forfeit! Ruins the game!

Great concept ruined by ads

This game is awesome in concept but the ad will kick you out while in a contest with someone and you will lose the match. I really like the game and wish the creators remove the ads that interrupt the gameplay.

Waaay too many ads

While I was playing one of the categories, my screen randomly switched over to the App Store and when I went back to my game, I lost the match. Please fix this so that there are less ads. I will give a higher rating after thats done.


While I am playing it takes me to ad site and when I try to go back RIGHT AWAY if says I forfeited. This has happened 10 times now and I am fed up with it... will you please fix this problem

Ads unbearable

I have dealt with ads before, but this app has ads while in the game. I could be playing someone and then I’m suddenly at the App Store. Save yourself the stress and don’t download this crappy game.


Fun, some of adds defective.

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