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Too many ads

This game is a pretty good game but it is executed terribly with the constant stream of pop up ads every 20 or so seconds. I find that i am constantly losing games because the ads might take me to safari or just cant close them during a match even and it would cause me to forfeit the match and it costs 3 dollars to get rid of them so it feels like a pay to win game because of how hindering they are. Get rid of the pop up ads and this app will be a lot better.

Final fantasy XV ad ruines it all

Please remove this ad, since you can’t exit out of it when it pops up during gameplay. I click the X bubble but nothing happens. I am using iPhone X. Otherwise the app is great.

Please fix crashing! I love this app otherwise

Super fun! Although the game crashing every minute or so whenever I play takes away from the fun significantly!



Awesome except

This app is amazing. There are so many topics. Problems: Ads after every game Freezes constantly No Les Mis topic or other classic books/musicals Very limited amount of characters allowed when posting "Uh oh. The moogies are at it again" messages pop up way too frequently, and it's impossible to scroll or check messages or posts. I really love this, though. So many fandoms, easy to post pictures, etc. Just change a few things and it'll be perfect.



Moogies are at it again.

I have greatly enjoyed playing this game for quite awhile now. But now a pop up saying “uh, oh the moogies are at it again” keeps appearing. This has lead me to discover there is apparently no support for the game. The support link is to some other game. Something tells me if I click on the pop up I’ll get some virus. They said they fixed the problem back in 2015 -apparently they haven’t.


Great app but the moogies are at it again

It's changed a lot and it's not all good

I have had this app for almost three years now and when I first downloaded it it was a great way to pass time now with so many changes it's become irrelevant. General design updates have made the app harder to navigate. Ads pop up while I am right in the middle of playing a topic and it's really annoying. Half way through playing a game I am no longer able to even click the options on the screen. And I have tried on other devices and it does the same things so it's not my phone. I do have positive feedback on this which are the only two reasons I didn't give it a one start rating. I like being able to create my own topics now. It gives people who are interested in other topics a chance to find something they like. However there are downsides because now there are like 20 different pages for one topic which is very unnecessary. And I like the new tournaments they are fun and give people incentive to broaden their topic selection. Overall I like the app, it's a good idea, it just needs some major changes back to the older simpler versions.

Not that many ads

You can close 100% of them with one tap instantly theres just not always a visible X

Too many ads

I get that it's a free game and they want to make money. I haven't played this game in about a year, but things have changed. They have made ads pop up after every game. That doesn't make the game fun. It's very annoying. I could see an ad popping up after every 5th or so, but after every game is too much.

Straight up doesn’t work

Tournaments don’t even show up

A once-great app ruined by greed.

I remember binging this game for hours and hours years ago. Then the developers obviously got greedy and absolutely polluted this game with ads. Those long binges of match after match? No more, because you get 15 to 30 second ads after every game. Sometimes they’ll even pop you out of the game into your BROWSER to try and sell you more junk. Unacceptable. Then, they made it like any other mobile game — microtransactions to get ahead of everyone else. It’s pathetic and lame. I had a blast with this game, but now this is nothing more than a trip down memory lane, because I’m done. It was a nice, relaxing game made by some small development company in Iceland, then when it was turned over to the corporate dogs, it went straight to hell.

GluGamesInc ruined this app

I used to love to hop on everyday and challenge some friends in some games. Then GluGamesInc bought the app and everything went downhill. There were many glitches that they created and couldn’t seem to fix, then they implanted bots so that you didn’t have to wait for a challenge but the bots knew every single question and it was impossible to beat them unless you were perfect including how fast you answered the question even if you had to read a paragraph before answering... and then all of a sudden I tried to get on one day and it said my device was blocked. I tried emailing customer service but apparently everyone who works for Glu Games is incompetent because after 30 back and forth emails, they still couldn’t figure out why my device is blocked, just sorry I can’t play anymore, mind you it was an app I PAID for so, waste of money. I wouldn’t recommend anyone playing this game or any of the Glu Games Inc games on the App Store


I can’t even play the app. Every time I pick a topic and play, it stays on the loading se teen forever. It never works.

You play against the computer mostly

When you play a random opponent, they will get an almost perfect score, even if they are only level one or two. That’s frustrating, especially in a tournament. It’s obviously the computer beating you most of the time. Sometimes it’s an actual opponent.

Used to be better

The creators of this game should not have started shoving ads down our throats. 99% of the matches are against robots. Who do they think they're fooling. Il be in the middle of a game, and when I go to click an answer it takes me to safari. Then, I come back to a match that I lost, because I apparently left the round. The devs are straight up scumbags for ruining an app I used to love.

Maybe if...

You remove the constant adds every game, bring back live chat, and fix the crashes it will be a great app again


This game makes me so mad because there are a ton of ads and they pop up in the middle of a match so I can’t answer and it made me lose all my currency when I would’ve won if I could’ve answered but I had to watch a stupid ad 🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

Used to be the best

WAY TOO MANY ADS This used to be the best game and now it’s just riddled with ads.


I used to love this game and play it all the time but now it is 100% unplayable because of a pop up ad that pops up every 20 seconds while I'm playing and stops me from answering any trivia questions. Please please please FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT!!!! If you want people to actually use your app then get rid of this ridiculous pop up ad, other ads are fine and is what they are but if you have this ad popping up while people are trying to play then people can't play your game and if they can't play your game what's the point of having it. Fix it or get rid of the game because it's completely useless at this point.

Good idea, but annoying.

I got this app because my friend recommend it to me. It was great at first, but then got boring because of the same questions over and over, so I stopped playing. Then, out of nowhere, it begins to spam me with notifications. Everytime I ignored the notification it just sent another, which got so annoying that I deleted the app. This is why it only gets 2 stars.


This truly used to be one of my favorite games. I still enjoy it very much but the ads are making it almost unplayable. Please, please give us an option to purchase an ad free game.

Simply obsessed.

I cannot stop playing this game! It is so addicting and so fun. The categories are endless, leaving you with thousands of questions, just waiting to be answered by the user of the app. There's barely any adds, which is amazing. I really think you should get it.

Pretty good

Overall, this is a good app. Except for the inappropriate ads sometimes. And I kept getting mean comments every time I posted a funny joke. But it’s pretty good!

Game is ok but the ads

To much ads; To much even for a great game

Quiz Up Review

This is super cool and I actually haven't played this since like 2015 I think. A lot of improvements have been made though and I appreciate how personalized the app is now.

Omg ads

Can you make it so i can purchase no ads and omg you don’t have the biggest player base

Used to be good

It used to be a great app. Then the devs went overboard. Now there are so many ads it makes the app almost unplayable. They don’t filter ads at all, some shut off your music when they’re not even on screen, some redirect you to malicious websites. If you want to play this game, make sure you buy the ad free upgrade.

Used to be great fun. Not anymore.

Previously, you played against another person; you could choose a friend or a random player. Either way, you were playing a real human being. Now, if you choose random player, you are more likely to be playing a QuizUp bot that answers every question correctly and does it within ONE SECOND! From their displayed game ranking, they appear to be novices, but their instant recall and answer speed strongly suggests a bot. What’s the fun in playing a mindless drone that always wins? Because they have innovated the fun right out of the game, I just deleted QuizUp from my phone and iPad.

Unless Notifications

This used to be a cool app. I’m tired of apps that push notifications unrelated to friends or followers. QuizUp has sadly adopted this horrible practice. You cannot regularly play with friends without some notification, and the publishers take shameless advantage. They have provided no options for filtering notifications down to those you would find significant, so you are stuck getting all the pushes, or none of the pushes.

Use to be Great

This game use to be soo much fun, unfortunately now there’s just soo many ads that it’s almost unplayable. Also, idk why they did it but you can’t just play one quiz genre anymore they throw in random garbage questions in some WildCard round. Really taking the fun out of what once was a fun app to compete against my friends on our knowledge of shows we watch.

Too many ads!

I'll miss this app if it dies. Please don't. I don't want this application to disappear This app is shooting itself in the foot. This app is only good not on IOS (IOS seems to be their target market...the ads are coming).

The community stuff is too distracting.

I’m a long time QuizUp fan that left the game because of all the extra, non-trivia stuff they have added. I just wish there were categories, quizzes, my friend list and the stats around my performance. I would love it if there was a version of the app that included the community stuff or that you could turn it off. It’s too distracting and I don’t enjoy playing Quiz Up anymore. Keep It Simple.

I used to love this app

I used to love this app. I logged on recently, after many years of not playing. There are way too many ads! It’s sickening. Not wasting my time on this app any more.


There is something wrong in this update, I cannot write comment well because the whole screen of my writing as it keeps disappearing after the second row. I made a note and pasted in the writing area ! I like the far previous view of my favourite topics, I want to see all my favourite topics as icons

not fair for starters

i enjoy the questions and gameplay, but being a beginner i keep getting put in a game with people with titles like “best at category in state/world”. it’s impossible to progress when your opponent is chosen randomly (and tends to be way ahead of you) instead of being put with someone with a relative knowledge or level as you. sorta turning away from the game.🤷‍♀️

Ads take me out of the game

I would rate it 5 stars. But I can’t. Because when I play a tournament game, using the coins I earned, during the game an ad pops up and takes me out of the game and makes me lose. PLEASE FIX THIS. I have lost so many times and coins because of a stupid ad taking me out of the game out of nowhere.

Great Trivia App

This app is one of the best trivia apps on the App Store. It has a great range of trivia categories and is very user friendly. My only problem with the app is that the last question is worth double points. There has been many times that I have been leading by I right question till the end and I loose because I got the last question wrong. The game always seems to come down to the last question and if I get 6 questions right and my opponent gets 6 questions right it should come down to how fast we answered the questions.

Too. Many. Ads

OBNOXIOUS ADS. I’d honestly rather pay money to get rid of them. Makes not want to play.


This app is tight AF

Rogue ad hijacking

So in playing this, the ads on the page keep trying to open safari and tell me that I have a virus on my iPhone, and to call customer support to purchase a cleaner. Yeah, that’s a hard NO. There is no way to stop this, other than deleting the app. There are ads after every match, smattering the me yes and pages, and I get subjected to pop up ads randomly when navigating the menus. Deleting the app to prevent any other hijacking attempts. This game was ruined by greed.

Horribly flawed in every way

The iPad version is slow and subject to random crashes. The bigger problem is the scoring. I have no desire to understand how the scoring works. In one game I answered 10 out of 10 correctly. My random opponent got 8 out of 10 correct. And I lost. Whatever. If you like frustration trying to keep the game running and losing for inexplicable reasons, this is the game for you. The game is free and still overpriced.

No Ad Removal

I’ve just spent 2.99 on Ad Removal and there are still ads. Give QuizUp Back to Plain Vanilla!


Theres a 30sec Advertisement after every game. Free app? Nope.

iPhone 7 Plus

The device temperature is rising up while playing this game, kindly look into it. Too many Ads...

Crashes All The Time!

Could be educational and entertaining. Too many repeat questions. Crashes frequently which is annoying!



The Best

It's the most fantastic game I've ever played

Love the app but..

This is an amazing app but has become so buggy and glitchy it’s really sad. I use it everyday, I’ve paid them several hundreds to support but their updates have become painfully worse. I can’t even click the x button on screen anymore on Apple phones. Fix your major issues quizup you are ruining this app BIG TIME!!

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