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367 add

In between playing game add appears and you loose the game with a big zero. Why it is happening can somebody explain.Status comes that I surrendered.


A little glitchy at times but overall this app is awesome and has tons of categories to choose from!!

Awesome game

I love this game.


Super addicting game. I like the variety of categories but I find the site to be a little confusing. Also seem to be an awful lot of ads...but not enough to deter me from playing

It needs fixing

It has too many adds and mini games after each round it needs an update.

Ad Overload

Returned to this once-beloved app (more than 1,500 matches) after a few months only to find it buried in advertising overload. It used to be a very appropriate one-per-few-matches ad of 15 or 30 seconds. Now there are ads permanently across the bottom AND an ad plays at the end of EVERY match! Holy Ad Overload Batman! Im in marketing and from that perspective I can tell the developers that theyve made a huge mistake with this approach. Too far, too fast. Read your reviews guys. Your users are telling you they hate this and theyre leaving in droves. Hate to lose my longtime rankings, but this level of advertising overkill isnt worth it. Im out and Im disappointed.

Very fun!!!

I love this game because its really, really fun and its also a great way to share pictures relating to whichever topic youre a part of. Btw, they have all of my favorite topics

Play it all the time

I used to love this game. I played it all the time, posted pictures, made friends. Then...I reported an attack on Israel calling for its destruction. Then I found myself banned (the same day as a crappy update oddly enough). When quiz up blocks you, they block the device (which is odd, if you were playing on a public computer, no one could then play..kind of stupid Quiz Up). I find it odd that the day I argue a very pro-Israel position in a debate and report someone for calling for the deaths of Israelis, that I am banned. I was told to submit a help ticket to address the issue. I, of course, received no response. I am sorry I ever played this game. If you play, do not debate politics. Do not say you are Jewish or Israeli. Obviously the makers have issues there.

Love it

Its great for learning new things Im really happy about it o think it should cost money because its so good but its FREE

Best app ever

It makes me get smarter plus my sister loves it thank you so much for this app


This is an awesome app to test your skills of knowledge.


Quizup has given me and my friends a fun opportunity so we can battle it out and see hows smarter!!!


I love this game!

Poor quality product

Too many ads, pay-to-play business model makes for an average product. Too bad, this couldve been really well designed.

Great Style, A LOT of Bugs

This game is definitely great in the idea of trivia. There are thousands of topics so there is always a topic you will enjoy doing. However, there are multiple bugs with the game that are not allowing you to get the full experience of the game. First, there is a bug that says you are always level one. This is frustrating because it says that you leveled up to level 3, but you are put down at level 1. And second, the game will keep closing on its own. I will be right in the middle of a game and it will close out, causing me to lose. This is a great game just some touches needed to be added. *I will change my review when these problems are fixed




this is the best game ever. if youre bored. play this game. play it with friends! its amazing.

Addictive and fun!

Quick game to test your knowledge of guilty pleasures (aka pop culture) or real trivia. Im new to it and already have to set limits on how often I use it! I love all the categories and questions are well rounded.

Amazing game

Quiz up is an incredible game. The matchmaking when finding a match is very quick, and easy. There is a huge selection of categories to choose from, and anyone can find something theyre good at

Some good, Some bad

Good- Posting to topics Followers PM/Live Chat Bad- Bugs/Crashes In app purchases Super Slow

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