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367 add

In between playing game add appears and you loose the game with a big zero. Why it is happening can somebody explain.Status comes that I surrendered.

Intrusive ads

This app was fun until ads were introduced. They now delay progress at each stage in an infuriating way. Is that a bug which brings up an ad for an RPG game? There is no count down, no close icon and no apparent way back to the quiz. The only way out is to the App Store or a force quit of Quizup. The user experience is getting worse and worse.

Good game

Its an awesome game and it has plenty of topics to choose from! The only bad thing I can highlight now is the intrusive ads while you go from one challenge to another

Ads ads ads

Too many ads every second

Not working...

Cant open the app. Always crashes...

Wonderful , I like it too much

I like this app

This app is dying or dead

9 moths and not one single new question. Absurd questions, wrong questions, same questions, conflicting questions, bugs in point system.. It has become tiring and bore. Either they need to get their act together or they will fade away.


Wtf happened with ads? I havent played for a while and now quiz up full of adds. Cant enjoy while im playing. Switching to the Trivia Crack.

The app is great

However, this particular version does not work at all. It simply crushes when I open it. iPhone 5s, iOS 9.3.1

Im taking my 5-star review back...

...cause of the number of ads in the application. Now it is totally unusable. Congratulations on ruining the very best Quiz app in the AppStore!

Used to be the best intellectual game

Before... Now 80% of the time you watch ads, 20% you play.


This game is so much fun! The options given are very good and its a very handy tool to use studying to!

Brilliant!! But there is one thing.....

I love this app and all the funny and fantastic posts I see everyday on my feed, but the one problem you keep hearing is ads. I know you cant completely remove them,(at least, not to my knowledge) but when I was taking a quiz, the ad at the bottom popped up and caused me to lose the match. And I dont see how if you want to get out of a game, you have to see an ad. ADS ARE SO ANNOYING!! Could you please just try and put the minimum amount of ads in the game? It would be greatly appreciated and Ill probably change my review! (For better) BUT ALSO, Im in my feed and Ill find stuff Ive never even heard of and they will be on my feed. Stuff I dont even follow like breaking bad, authors of books, and one Im not a fan of Sex trivia!!! WHATS GOING ON! I DONT EVEN FOLLOW THE PERSON WHO POSTS IT.

100% best pastime.

QuizUp has categories from your favorite video games to High School Chemistry, it can test your knowledge with thousands of questions. Its addictive level system and incredible community stand triumphant over other quizzing apps.

Love it!!!

I love this app/game its so much fun and I learn somethings I didnt know before!!

Its the best quiz game ever!

This is by far the best game.It has all the things school to sports and really everything!

This is awesome

I like this game enough to write a review for the game and make it better first imma talk bout the actual game its very well constructed and anyone can have fun playing it . I personally love this game because of how much things you can do like for young children they have things like mincraft and frozen tests . I also like the single player matches, the best thing is they surprise you with the wild thing i love when i guess and get it right. I like when they get super random questions like for the logos there are super random questions. Please please please rate and review this game. THNX

Good app !

Get it,its lots of fun !

Great app! Just a couple issues

I love quiz up! This game is really entertaining, keeps you busy for ours! I just re-downloaded this app after about a couple months ago, and the updates between then and now are awesome. There are more categories to choose from than before. The only two issues I have with this game is that it crashes. It crashed multiple times during a challenge. Since it crashes then you lose. Since the category I was playing I was fairly high on, its very frustrating to get a lose. The second issue I have is the adds. Normally adds dont bother me, but this app in particular gives you adds every time you click on something. Its very annoying. Either cut down the number of adds or cut down the price to remove adds, 2.99 is a little pricey just to pay to remove adds on an app Ill probably stop playing. Other than those two issues I love this game.

Ad during the quiz?

Does anyone really read those ads during the quiz? Right... So much time as a I clobber my opponent ... insurance rate are better at brand X? .. Oops, there went the next question. Save the ads for another time, please.

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